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    League of Legends - Ranked -

    League of Legends - Ranked -

    The Ranking Competition is an cup league for all eSports teams and players in the country each battle it out to earn the title of top ranked player and earn their spot on Team Ireland and travel to the eSport World Championships to represent Ireland. Ranking is carried out each month and ends in December of each year. In order to register for this event you must own an eSport Ireland account. To register for an account please click here

    Please Note

    All participants in this league must be registered and fully paid up eSport Ireland members. 

    All participants must play under their registered accounts.

    Any participant who plays under an unregistered account will be be disqualified.

    # Seasons
    1 Cup 1 - 1st August 2016
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    General Information

    eSport Ireland is a non profit Unlimited Public Company registered in Ireland that's main focus is on promoting and working with teams and events of all levels from beginner to professionals in the eSports industry.

    Company No: 531057


    International eSports Federation

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