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Team Selection Criteria

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1. Objectives

The purpose of this page is outline how we select players to represent Ireland in the eSport World Championships. Selection is based upon the best team and players to win the matches and ultimately the tournament.

2. Application

A player may apply directly to eSport Ireland to be considered to be placed on Team Ireland by completing the application form here. In addition the Selection Panel may identify players and / or teams outside of this application process that it deems worthy of consideration.

3. Players Eligibility

In order for players to be selected they must meet the following:

  • Be an affiliated member of and in good standing with eSport Ireland
  • Hold a passport of a country whose territory eSport Ireland has jurisdiction over
  • Have not represented any other Member Association for three years immediately preceding the date of the fixture or last represented eSport Ireland.
  • Not currently be under disqualification or suspension under the rules of the IeSF

4. Player Selection Criteria

The Selection Panel will select the players that in the Panel’s view are the strongest performing players in each game. In reaching their selection they shall consider the following:

  • International players beaten and lost to in International tournaments
  • Ability to compete under pressure and documented performance in high profile matches against opponents at same or better standard
  • Positive documented experience with team competitions
  • Partnership considerations
  • Team considerations
  • Wins against World Class opposition in major tournaments since

Should the Panel decide to select players for player development, the selection panel may will consider:

  • Results in domestic and international competition
  • Commitment to training over the most recent twelve months
  • Talent as judged by the Selection Panel
  • Potential for future major international level achievements
  • Head to Head results against other Irish players in International tournaments

The Panel will endeavor to select a team and players that can compete with their opponents with an emphasis on player development for future competitions.

5. Appeal Process

Appeal to the selection may be made in writing to the Selection Panel of eSport Ireland within 72 hours of the notification of the Irish team being published on the eSport Ireland website. An appeal can solely be made on the grounds that the selection policy was not properly followed. An appeal must be made in writing with appropriate and sufficient supporting documentation. Within two working days of receiving the appeal, the Chief Executive (or an appointed deputy) will head a group of three selected people with elite eSport experience (‘Appeal Committee’) that will investigate the issues of the appeal with all involved parties. No member of the Appeal Committee shall have been involved in the original selection process.The Chief Executive will in writing inform all parties about the Appeal Committee’s decision to either uphold or reject the appeal. The decision of the Appel Committee is final and not subject to further appeal.

6. Deselection

A player selected for Team Ireland and the eSport World Championships may be deselected from the team if the player:

  • Has been unable to fully participate in scheduled training (excluding exceptional circumstances)
  • Due to illness or injury, in the opinion of the responsible Coach becomes unable to perform to the required standard. 
  • Demonstrates a lack of commitment to training requirements and / or tournament preparations.
  • Breaches or fails to fulfill a requirement of the Anti-Doping Policies of the IeSF or other approved agencies.

7. Selection Panel

The selection panel will comprise at all times of the National Coach in addition to four (4) other duly appointed and experienced persons approved by the eSport Ireland Board.

8. Selection Date, Notification and Announcement

The selection of Team Ireland will be announced before the end of December each year. The selected team will have the right to travel, traing and compete in all IeSF tournaments for the following twelve (12) month period. eSport Ireland will individually notify the players of their selection on December 14th of each year prior to publication of the team list. Any player who might be difficult to contact be normal means during this period should inform eSport Ireland in advance of alternative contact details. If a player is not notified personally on that day he/ she can assume that he / she have not been selected. Should an applicant not be notified of selection and has not received a written confirmation of the selected players on the 14th of December, it is his/ her responsibility to contact eSport Ireland to confirm their standing.

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