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About eSport Ireland

About eSport Ireland
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eSport Ireland is the duly appointed and recognised body of the International eSports Federation charged with the development, growth and standardisation of eSports in Ireland. 

In particular eSport Ireland have developed educational programs for coaching, refereeing and general understanding of the eSports industry with trainees having gone on to partake in major international aspects of eSports.

We are a non-profit body running online and LAN tournaments across the UK and Ireland, in addition to working with organisations, teams, streamers and events at all levels of the eSports Industry in order to promote and support organic growth in a structured, and regulated manner.  

eSport Ireland was first formed in 2013 by a group of dedicated (but aging) highly experience eSports gamers who saw the newer generation of Irish players have opporunties that they could only of dreamed of during their younger years. Seeing that there was no supports in Ireland for the development of these players they began to form a strategy to provide it. This all game to fruition some two years later when eSport Ireland was officially recognised and accepted by the International eSport Federation. 

Since then with support from the IeSF, eSport Ireland has been fighting hard for the development and recognition of Irish eSports both National and Internationally.




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